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Small bump on side of tongue and wired feeling in throat.

Posted by jb060809

about a week or so ago i noticed a small red bump on the left side of my tongue towards the back of my mouth it was very sore but now it does not hurt at all , i also notice that it seems to be a little trail of tiny bumps that lead from the little bump on the side of my tongue to a cluster of bumps that ive always had on the surface of my tongue at the very back what are these bumps? should i be concerned about the little one on the side of my tongue? and also i have for a couple months now have had a feeling of something being stuck in my throat , i have had recurring sinus infections , would that cause the feeling i have in my throat? the feeling is still there even when the sinus infections have cleared , its a very annoying and uncomfortable feeling , i have talked to my gp and was told it was reflux but i disagree it feels like something is in my throat all the time ! what could this be ? is the bump on my left side of tongue and wierd feeling in throat related? what should i do? If it helps I am a twenty six year old female , in great health except for these things ive mentioned, non-smoker(quit three yrs ago) ,and  I drink about once everyother week thanks for your help !

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