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sinus infections 1 year after sinus perforation?

Posted by shawna09

I had my 2nd molar removed about a year ago by an oral surgeon. After the tooth extraction I had a huge hole going through into my sinus cavity. (which my doctor neglected to tell me). Everytime I took a drink of water or brushed my teeth I would literally have water pouring out of my nose. I went back in for a second surgery to repair the hole, he removed a big chunk of my gum and tried to stitch my cheek to my gum in order to close the hole (which ripped away after the surgery because it tugged everytime I opened my mouth). After the second surgery I began having extreme pressure and pain in the area, and a pocket of tissue that would protrude out of the hole like a balloon (like there was too much pressure and it had no where to go but out of the hole). My oral surgeon told me that it was just a piece of tissue that they had tried to close the hole with (yeah right). I've been thinking alot about it lately and I now believe that the tissue may have actually been my sinus pocket!!! The hole eventually closed on its own a couple of months after the second surgery. All I have left in that area now is scar tissue and my hard pallate!
Ever since then I seem to have constant sinus infections, always with the most pressure/pain on the side where the tooth was removed, and it is always most painful down in the gum area. Could my sinus infections be related to this botched tooth extraction? Should I bring this up to my primary care physician? What would they be able to do about it?
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Thank you for your very complete description of your symptoms.  Your history of these complications indicate that you should be seen by an EENT(Ear,Eye,Nose and Throat) specialist.  The specialist will be be able to do a thorough evaluation and recommend any additional procedures that might lessen your symptoms.


I am having the same problems.  My dentist had to dig a broken tooth out and winded up digging up to my sinus.  I have had the roof of my mouth cut and sewn and it did not work, I just went and had stitches put in again and once again, I can pull air thru the hole.  What should I do?
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