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should i still have a tooth ache

Posted by viv


I had a white filling at the back off my mouth aparently i had quite bad decay in that tooth.  The dentist said he will fill the tooth and try not to take it out.

 Before I had the filling i had no pain and as soon as the injection wore off i was in agony, i have been taking pain killers every day since and it will be 2 weeks tomorrow.

 I went back to the dentist the next day and she said it can take a while to get better and to leave it another week.  I am only taking pain killers at night and the pain has gone down alot over the last couple of days.  As it is 2 weeks tomorrow and i do still have pain should i leave it another week or go and have it removed?

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The pain may be a result of a few things..


1) The nerve of the tooth may be injured (cavity may have gone into the nerve)

2) The bitemay need adjustment (filling may be too high)

 If your dentist thought the tooth was worth saving with a filling, the next step if the pain doesnt go away, should be a root canal..


Pulling the tooth should be the last option...this should only be done if the tooth cant be should explore saving the tooth with root canal therapy...


You should go back to your dentist and ask about these should not have to be in pain this long....

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