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Should a second opinion be sought before a TMJ surgery is performed?

Posted by Stmaeda

My wife went in for a tooth extraction from an oral surgeon and developed problems right after the tooth was pulled.  The dentist first thought it might be a dry socket but that was ruled out and the pain continued.  She has experienced migrains, joint pain, facial pain and even numbness on one side of her face.  She was then sent to another specialist who determined it was TMJ and that maybe the small disk in the joint had slipped.  Now they are recommending surgery and we are still paying for all of it.  Should we seek additional advice?

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You may want to considder for your comfort to ask for some diagnostic imaging i.e. a CT dont want to go into surgery with a diagnosis of "maybe TMJ" ...there are studies that can be done by a Dentist/Oral Surgeon who focus heavily on orofacial is usually the last road to explore as a therapy if nonsurgical therapies have been ruled out. This should only be done if there is a definative diagnosis...and not a maybe diagnosis...I hope this helps.
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