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Sensitive Teeth

Posted Aug 06 2010 10:38am
Hi Dr. Phillips,

I have sensitive teeth and use Sensodyme toothpaste.  I noticed that your
recommended toothpaste product is not for sensitive teeth.  Please advise re
my concern.  Additionally, I had used an Opalesence teeth whitening system
that I received from a dentist around two years ago.  I would like to use a
safe product to maintain my teeth.  Please advise me as to which of your
products will do that.

Many thanks for your advice and time.

Best regards,

Gladys Kartin
Career Strategies and Coaching
MBTI Certified
Interview Coaching
Resume Review

Hi G,

I do not have "products" to recommend.

I have a system - a way of using specific products- - to naturally heal

This system has been developed to help people easily enjoy healthy, shiny,
clean teeth - that feel comfortable and look good.

To understand why my system works - I wrote a book called Kiss Your Dentist
It also explains the dangers and damage caused by whitening teeth etc.

Hundreds of people have tried this system and enjoyed a healthy mouth and
beautiful teeth for years and years.
All you need is to get the correct products and get started.

I suggest my starter kit - this will ensure you use the correct products.
Make sure you put away your "sensitive " toothpaste - it will mess up the

You can buy what you need at your local stores - but using the exact
products is essential.

You don't need sensitive pastes - actually sensitive pastes will potentially
damage your taste buds, and they are only a "temporary fix".
My system will be a permanent solution for your sensitive teeth.
Instead of putting "putty" in the holes in your teeth - we will put real
minerals - to repair your damaged teeth with minerals from your own mouth!!

This system stimulates NATURAL healing of your teeth - you will love the
Best wishes and let me know if you have any other questions,


Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623
585-272-0705 (Fax)
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