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Save $15 on the Oral-B® Pulsonic™ Powered Toothbrush

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:15pm

I’m a big fan of manual toothbrushes. For me, it just seems like less of a hassle. No charging or mechanical issues to worry about. You just brush, rinse, and replace it every three months. But, that’s not to say that there aren’t some great electronic toothbrushes on the market today. The new, Oral-B® Pulsonic™ Powered Toothbrush is no exception.

Barely bigger than the average manual toothbrush, this beauty looks like something that even I could grow to love. It’s Oral-B’s newest, and slimmest rechargeable powered toothbrush to date, and claims to “whiten teeth by reducing surface stains by 94% in just two weeks time(”

The Daily Beauty Reporter recently reviewed the Pulsonic™ toothbrush and had this to say:

I’ve always hated electronic toothbrushes. They’re bulky, ugly, clunky, and the sound they make reminds me of a trip to my dentist’s office…That’s why I feel badly even calling the Oral-B Pulsonic an electric toothbrush. It’s in a different class, folks. I used it for a good month before recommending it to you, because I couldn’t believe that I’d actually dropped manual for this buzzing apparatus. (I thought I’d get over the novelty.) But the thing is, it’s the most unoffensive sonic toothbrush yet. I can’t imagine ever going back.

Pretty convincing, but the ultimate convincing would come from trying it yourself, of course. Normally this little beauty retails for $69.95, but Oral-B is running a special promotion offering a $15.00 discount if you fill out a short discount form. The Pulsonic™ is currently available at, and

Claim your $15.00 Off Coupon

Pulsonic Powered Toothbrush Reviews

Have you tried this toothbrush? What did you think?

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