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Safe removal of amalgam fillings

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:17pm 3 Comments
Mercury-free dentists have devised strategies to reduce the amount of mercury exposure to both patients and dental staff during amalgam removal. The strategies are the barrier and ventilation techniques as well as the “biological support” nutritional methods that “treat” the anti-oxidant and excretory systems stressed by heavy metal exposure.

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There was no link given - where does one find the article on Safe removal of amalgam fillings?

The has a detailed description of the procedures we've scientifically reviewed that will minimize your exposure to mercury during removal.


sorry I was so slow in replying to your post but I was attending the 25th anniversary meeting of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology  in Las Vegas. We had a tremendous line up of speakers on a wide variety of topics. This is a must do for every conscientious physician (CME Credit) or dentist/hygienist (AGD Credit) who is serious about healing.

Dental amalgams are extremely toxic and should never been allowed to be placed in peoples mouths. That being said the whole should i get them out situation needs to be clarified and by someone who is not involved in the medical proffession or dentistry as i have no financial interest in fillings.

If you have amalgam fillings and you are completely healthy get the fillings tested by a holistic dentist to see if they are offgassing mercury or producing electricity , if they are relatively stable and you are well dont get them out, you may end up doing yourself more damage getting them removed and never allow another amalgam to be placed in your mouth.

If you are unwell and show any symptoms of mercury poisoning get the fillings tested by a holistic dentist and if they are unstable in any way get them removed, this sort of dentist will use a rubber dam and will do this dangerous procedure correctly.

If you are unwell and the fillings are stable they may not be the cause of your problems, and it is useful for all who read this to know mercury will show up in your hair and nails so you can get an independant laboratory to test hair and nail samples

Some people have been getting amalgam fillings drilled out and having them replaced by composites and finding severe sensitivity, this is not the fault of composite fillings it is a result of a greedy dentist making a cavity bigger to then place amalgam , so destroying the structure of the tooth and later trying to remedy the situation by filling large surfaces with composite. If the initial small cavity was filled with composite from the outset there would be no problem.The problem is dentists have been using amalgam as there own personal gold rush for the last 160 years and charging us a fortune for damaging our health!!!!!! You know your own body better than any doctor and we all know what it was like to have good health as kids. It is best for you to go with your gut instinct when deciding if these fillings are affecting your health.

I hope i have helped some of you out there who are stressing about having something so poisonous in your mouth. These fillings have badly damaged my teeth and my health so i have lived this problem it irritates me 24/7

If money greed and capitalism werent at the forefront of dentistry which they unfortunately are we would and should be going down the path of aiding teeth to regenerate naturally. Leeds university has invented a new peptide called p11-4 which aids the tooth to heal itself , this is where dentistry should be going, p11-4 excellent idea ,composites been around since the sixties hard and effective , amalgam fillings extremely poisonous and a really stupid idea i cant belive they havent been banned!!!!! good health to you all and lets hope that mercury will go back to where it belongs in the ground!!!!

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