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Resorption of Endodontic Sealer

Posted Sep 11 2008 8:49pm
Endodontic sealers play an important role in the obturation (filling) of a root canal. The sealer coats the walls of the canals and fills the space between the root canal filling material and the root. Their antimicrobial activity likely plays a very important role in the overall documented success of endodontic therapy.

There are many kinds of endodontics sealers. They can be grouped into these categories:
1. Zinc Oxide-Eugenol (Roths)
2. Chloropercha (Kloroperka)
3. Calcium Hydroxide (Sealapex, CRCS, Apexit)
4. Polymers (AH26, AHPlus, Diaket, Endofill, Resilon)

I am using a Roth's sealer in my practice. Here are a couple of reasons that I like using a Roth's sealer.
1. Antimicrobial - the Zinc oxide has well known antimicrobial activity
2. No need to remove the smear layer - since I am using a gutta percha filler, I prefer to leave the smear layer
3. Resorbabilty - any sealer that is extruded past the apex will resorb over time.

Here is an example of a case where a significant amount of sealer was extruded.

At a 2 year recall, you can see that the majority of the sealer has resorbed.

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