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Redheads delay dental visits due to more tooth-related pain.

Posted Mar 29 2012 6:29pm

 This is a cautionary report. Redheads are back in the news. This week NBC reported that redheads are more sensitive to pain that people with other hair colors. People with red hair need 19 percent more painkillers than the greater population.

Research published in the Journal of American Dental Association (July 2009) found that painful experiences at the dentist might cause more anxiety for men and women with red hair, who were twice as likely to avoid dental care than people with dark hair. People with red hair need larger doses of anesthesia and are twice as likely to avoid going to the dentist than those with other hair colors.

Dr. Daniel Sessler, an Outcomes Research Department chair at The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio said, “They require more generalized anesthesia, localized anesthesia. The conventional doses fail. They have bad experiences at the dentist and because of the bad experiences, they could avoid dental care.”

Get the nitrous! Read my July 2009 post for more information:

Saundra Goodman
Got Teeth? A Survivor’s Guide
How to keep your teeth or live without them.

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