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Red gum after tooth extraction - Is this normal?

Posted by Meliss4

I had my No. 16 tooth surgically removed 11 days ago due to an absess that completely destroyed the buccal bone. A bone graft was done and the stitches are yet to dissolve; however the outside of the gum around the extraction & above my very back tooth (I assume this is the No.17 as i do not have any wisdome teeth) is red & slightly receeded looking & bleeds whenever i gently brush. I do not have any facial swelling and i would not say that it hurts, but it looks sore & unhealthy in comparison to my normal gum colour. Is this normal? I am not due to see my surgeon again until the 11th of March. Photos i have seen of other extrations and grafts after 9 days look pink in colour and well on the way to healing. The rest of my teeth are very well looked after and i am in good health.
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When you have a prolonged period of healing and residual bleeding swelling and inflammation as denoted by the redness, this should be the occasion of return visit with your surgeon to double-check the surgery site.  You may require further treatment and your surgeon can judge by a post-operative examination.

Good Luck

Dr. R. 

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