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red growth on left side of throat

Posted by larrks

I have had a cold that developed into a sinus infection for the past 3 weeks. I have major drainage down the back of my throat. I recently looked in my mouth and noticed a small skin colored what looks like a small growth of skin of my left side where the tonsil would be. I dont have my tonsils. I have also been diagnosed with acid reflux several years ago but havent found it necessary to take my nexium for the past year or so. I constantly have to clear my throat because of phlem, but my throat is not sore. The growth doesnt hurt either. I am a big time worrier due to the fack that I smoke. I am a 47 year old female. Other than the conditions mentioned, I am in good health. I am scared to death that its cancer. I have had several panic attacks and have to wait two more weeks to go to the oral surgeon,{my family dr. is sending me to them}. I would appreciate it greatly if someone could help ease my worries. Could this bump be caused from the sinus infection and drainage? Please help before I lose my mind. Thank you.
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You need an immediate confirmation that this is NOT a condition that could cause you more important problems.  For you own peace of mind, you should go, today, to a hospital emergency room and obtain this confirmation.  This is not a diagnosis that can be made by email.  You will sleep better tonight, if you take care of this important worry you have.

Good Luck


Hi Doctor, thank you for your response. I went to the oral surgeon yesterday and she didnt want to mess with it??? She said that I need to see an ENT. Whats up with that? She wouldnt say if it was or wasnt cancer. I thought that an oral surgeon would surely be able to do a biopsy. She said that the ENT will probably do so. Why wouldnt she just do it herself. Thank you again for your advice, but do you have any thoughts of why the oral surgeon would send me to an ENT, I have an appointment on thursday. Thanks again.
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