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purple gum and swollen lip

Posted by cauzinha1


  I've hurted my gum while eating rice crackers, then I believe I hurted it even more when brushing my teeth. Woke up on the next day with purple and swollen upper front teeth gums, in the front and back, and my upper lip slightly swollen on the left side. I went to the dentist who said it was only a contusion. He then did a full cleanning of my teeth, including the bruised ones. He recomended Corsodyl Gel to be applied on mornings and evenings for at least 2 minutes during 5 days. 

Today I woke up with a white skin covering the bruises on gums, which I believe to be the healling process, but my upper lips are 3 times more swollen.
Can it be an allergy or just a reaction from the bruised gums?


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