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Prior to a tongue biopsy, I had no pain. How can I relieve the intense pain for good with natural remedies?

Posted by Pifbmljc

I had a tongue biopsy on Dec 4, 2009. I had no idea of the pain afterwards which seems to get worse. Kindly tell me what I can do to relieve the pain permanently. Thank you.
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The tongue is one of the fastest healing organs in the body.  Delayed healing and pain are a definite indication for you to contact the Doctor who performed the biopsy and inform about your symptoms--you need help from the Doctor who knows where and how deep the incision was during the bipsy.

good Luck!

Dr. R 

Thank you for your concern and reply. I really appriciate it.
Sorry, I spelled the word appreciate wrong. It's been almost a week since the biopsy and I'll see the doctor tomorrow to remove the stiches.
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