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Possible torn gum behind front two teeth?

Posted by groc25

On the top of my mouth, behind my two front teeth it seems like there is flap of gum tissue there. It does not appear to be a sore of blister. It does not dangle but it peels or folds back slightly to where I can see a deeper part of my tooth.  It also appears to the same color as the rest of my gums. I searched the internet and since I am some what of a hypochondriac, it worries me sometimes. I also find myself prodding it with my tongue, which is not helping, i suppose. Can you give me any insight to what it might be?
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What you describe sounds like the opening to a "periodontal pocket".  The crevice around teeth is normally from 1 to 3 mm deep. What you describe sounds much deeper than that .Periodontal disease is not usually accompanied by pain until the later stages-so the absence of pain is not an indicator of health.  I would suggest you have a dental examination.  They will be able to enlighten you as to the health of your gums.  Periodontal disease or pyorrhea is not something to be trivialized.

Thank you very much. I have dental appointment tomorrow morning. In the past I have slacked off on my oral hygiene. I mean I brush my teeth everyday but I have put off flossing. Not anymore I won't. Not after getting the bill from this treatment. Thank you for your time. I will kepp you posted. Thank you again.
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