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Plastic Surgery - Guide to Plastic Surgery | Dentistry | Yodle …

Posted Sep 16 2009 10:03pm 2 Comments

The consultation with the surgeon , before the surgery , is an important stage when you will be asked to explain your medical history, discuss the surgery you’re interested in, and hear about the risks. The surgeon will perform a basic …

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Plastic Surgery - Guide to Plastic Surgery | Dentistry | Yodle …

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No doubt you’ve heard a good deal about plastic surgery. But how much is true? Let’s take a glance at the different kinds of plastic surgery, and some examples, too.
Though plastic surgery is widely known for its cosmetic and aesthetic applications – and this is a big part of it – it also refers to reconstructive surgery, reconstructive meaning surgery to fix injuries.
And it isn’t called “plastic” because surgeons use all plastics all the time. “Plastic” refers to the way plastic surgery is used to remold and reshape features on the human body.
Plastic surgeries are designed to right the cosmetic wrongs from injuries or inherited deformities. Plastic surgeries can also reshape existing physical features for purely cosmetic – rather than functional – reasons. Having a plastic surgery will need more than instant loans but also your patience and high level of pain tolerance.
While many people choose to pursue plastic surgery, they forget that one of the most noticeable things about them is their smile. They should consider cosmetic dentistry before or after their surgery. What good is all the attention you can get if you are ashamed of your smile? Choose a cosmetic dentist to help the smile go with the new looks. When choosing a cosmetic dentist, make sure you meet the doctor for a consultation or some treatment before the actual full-blown makeover. The key is to figure out if you and your cosmetic dentist can understand each other and if your personalities click. It is not just about education, experience, and modern equipment. There are many very educated cosmetic dentists in Austin, even though it is a small city. But it is also about the level of artistry that the dentist has to have to be able to translate your individual anatomy and your personality into your smile. You don’t want to end up will a smile that’s well-made but absolutely not yours! Read More...
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