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Posted Jun 08 2010 10:10am

I'm curious as usual: Since Plaque is infected biofilm, and Calculus/ tartar is "hardened plaque", can Closys and Listerine penetrate that hard stuff and reach the imbedded bacteria and/ or does the bacteria migrate out of the calculus to try to eat the xylitol and die that way or does the bacteria live only on the surface of the "hardened plaque" ?


Hi P,

I don't know exactly - but I suspect the bacteria die off as the calculus hardens up.
It is quite possible that new bacteria form on the outside of the crusty and hard stuff and that these will die off as they are exposed to xylitol.

As we said beforeHealthy teeth are covered by a thin, invisible biofilm layer that is created out of proteins in saliva. This layer only thickens and becomes plaque when it is infected by Strep.mutans.
When minerals deposit in this plaque layer it turns into calculus.

As you see, without bacteria you will not get plaque, and without plaque you will not get calculus! Ha! Then YOU win the game!

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