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painless lump in throat

Posted by Gina

hi, i have been to the doctors three times and i seem to be getting no where. a year ago after giving birth to my son, i started to feel like i had a constant lump in my throat, at the top and slightly to the right hand side. After going to see a doctor twice and being told that they could not see anything (eventhough i told them that i felt the lump was not visable) i took it upon myself to stick my fingers down to see if i could feel anything. Sure enough I was able to feel a cyst like lump on the back wall of my throat. It moves around slightly and is painless, but very annoying. Over the months this lump has gotten only slightly bigger but i was looking for a fourth opinion as it still worries me a little. My last visit to the doctors outcome was a course of antibiotics incase of infection, however nothing has changed. Please give me advise as i find it unsettling having this in my throat and feel like a hypercondiac going back to see the doctor...for the fourth time! Thankyou x

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Hi Gina,


   I too have a similar problem. I have a small peanut size pale pink lump on wall of my throat, right behind the uvula. It has been growing slowly and I need to clear my throat often. I have been to couple of ENT doctors and they say it is because of acid reflux. I am afraid though. Did you get any good news and confirmation from your next visit to doctor? pls post it..

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