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One Drop Only

Posted May 24 2012 9:54am
Dear Dr.Ellie, 
Have you ever used "One Drop Only" mouthwash which is made of natural ingredients (and is over 60 years in existence) and would you recommend it as part of your mouth hygiene system? If so, how should it be used? Thank you for your time. I find your book very helpful and informative. Thank you.

 - J

Hi J

Thank you for your question about "one drop only"
I don't know much about this product - but the list of ingredients seems safe, and may maintain the oral health of someone who already has good teeth and gums - someone who simply needs to keep them that way.

My system works to stop, prevent and reverse gum disease and tooth damage ( erosion and cavities).
My system is the answer for people who already have fillings, gum disease or tooth problems.
My system is a bit more complicated but if you need to stop disease, prevent damage and help reverse mouth problems - then my system can help with all these things.

For someone with very good teeth, who is at low risk for tooth damage, there may be a number of good products to use, including xylitol, this product or perhaps old fashioned Crest toothpaste!

Thanks so much for your interest - I am glad you enjoyed my book.
Best wishes,


Dr Ellie Phillips

Solutions for Oral Health

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