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Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Posted Nov 12 2011 9:41pm
Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been on your system for approximately 6 months, and everything seems to be going pretty good (I have a Dentist appointment next month to see for sure). After reading a post on your blog regarding Coconut Oil (and how it helped a person’s gums), I had a question. Do you feel that Coconut oil has benefits if used for gently brushing (as was mentioned by someone on your blog)? I’m not thinking of replacing any of your system, this brushing would not be part of my usual routine (Closys, Crest, Listerine, ACT). I’m thinking just one or twice a week, in the afternoon.

In my research on the web regarding Coconut Oil, I came across a topic called “Oil Pulling.” I was wondering if you were familiar with this? Apparently, this is just swishing Coconut Oil around in your mouth for around 20 Minutes.

If either of these sound like they might have benefits, do you have any recommendation of when or how often I should do it?

If you don’t have an opinion on these, that’s OK, too. I just thought I’d bring it up to you, since I really trust your counsel on dental matters.

Thanks for your time, and I’ll let you know how my 6 month appointment goes!


Hi TS,

I am familiar with Oil Pulling and have read quite a lot about it.

I think that coconut oil may work well to help "pull" harmful bacteria from periodontal pockets - and in this way it could be a home remedy to prevent gum disease getting worse.

I have tried coconut oil pulling myself but feel that a long routine on this product would be a time-consuming challenge!

( I prefer to trust Closys - which I believe works in a similar way - but works more gently and more quickly).

I do think that coconut oil helps get rid of staining and maybe helps loosen calculus deposits.

I am unsure and I worry that coconut oil may be too aggressive for regular use.

In the same way I believe that baking soda may work for a one-time use but should NOT to be used regularly, because it appears to work against the development of the healthy protein film you need for sustainable oral health.

What I found after using the coconut oil was that my teeth (which are usually very comfortable) were a bit "raw" and sensitive for a few days.

This is why I view it as a help - but use sparingly - and not too often.

I think you will find that my system does everything you need! Remember to disinfect your toothbrush regularly - very important and often forgotten!

Best wishes,

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