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New Advances in Dentures

Posted Mar 05 2009 10:03am

Dentures used to be a real problem to deal with. Many dentures would crack, wear out or simply under preform where they were needed most. However, there have been several advances in denture technology that help people who wear dentures enjoy them more.

Many of the recent changes to dentures have made them more cosmetically appealing. Dentures that were made thirty to forty years ago looked unnatural, and could easily be spotted as fakes. However, new technology, such as the color of the material used to create your dentures, has made them look much more normal. Another recent advance in dentures is that the fitting of dentures has been greatly improved. 

There are several types of dentures that are just beginning to become popular with users. Dentures used to be much less common, not only due to the fact that people could not afford quality dental care, but dentures required all of your teeth to be pulled and then have your mouth fitted for the prosthetic. This could be an extremely long and painful process. However, now you can have partial dentures, or full dentures depending on your exact needs. If you have lost one or two teeth, you can have a partial denture made. These partial dentures are created to fill the gaps left by the teeth that you have lost. Not only will these partial dentures require less work on your mouth, but they will make sure that your existing teeth do not try to move and take over the space where your old tooth would have been.

Full dentures may require you to have several teeth pulled. However, once your teeth have been pulled, you can have your dentures as soon as the same day. If your appointment is early enough, your dentist may be able to mold your teeth, have a lab make your dentures and have you fitted all within the same day. However, some complete dentures may take longer for a dental lab to make. Your new dentures will fit on comfortably, and should not cause any pain. Dentures have recently been made so that they push down slightly on the gums to ensure a clean and tight fit. Full dentures will look and feel just like a real set of teeth would, thanks to modern technology and amazing artistic skill.

Modern technology has helped dentures advance into the 21st century. No longer do you need to have dentures that will not close, or have to pull all your teeth in order to have a set of dentures made for your mouth. Dentures even look and feel like real teeth. Whether you need a partial set of dentures or a full denture, there is no any need to delay in getting your dentures.

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