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My tooth is feeling sensitive. Is it caused by all the sweet chocolates from Christmas?

Posted Dec 26 2010 11:39am

Happy belated X’mas ! Well, there are many causes for a sensitive tooth. I will try to touch on the more common ones, ok?

Hpersensitive tooth is commonly experienced by some people when they drink that cold lemonade or eat their favourite ice cream. This discomfort is usually temporary and occur as a sudden transient pain upon triggered by the cold stimulus. Hpersensitivity account for a large percentage of all sensitive teeth seen in the clinic. This is usually remedied with some desensitizing agents or simple protective restorations.

Another possible cause could be an existing cavity in the tooth. As the small cavity grow over time, it start to enter into the second layer known as dentine, which contain nerve tissue. Hence, any stimuli such as sweets or chocolates can provoke some discomfort from it . Cold or hot drinks can also cause sensitivity.

A leaking old filling could also be the cause of your sensitivity. Fluid and food start entering into the gap and cause discomfort. Other causes include heavily worn out teeth, fractured or cracked teeth, etc.

You need to visit a dentist to have a proper assessment and may require radiograph to determine the cause. Remember to get it treated early.

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