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My tooth feels hollow, what could that be?

Posted by mcaitlin

I've had one of my teeth filled about a year ago. I remember shortly after having it filled I was eating and it felt almost like when I bit down, I packed the filling in further. Since then the tooth doesn't hurt, but my best explanation is that I feel it. I tried explaning it to my dentist and the best explanation I could come up with is that it sort of feels hollow to me. Sometimes when I run my tongue past it I can feel it in my tooth, as opposed to normally just feeling a sensation on my tongue. I'm wondering what this could mean? It doesn't hurt when I eat either, but I'm almost worried to chew on that tooth as I'm almost afraid it is going to break. Any advice?
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Let me guess. You got a white filling? It has fallen out. You need to get this fixed as soon as possible. 

Get a silver fillings, the last a lot longer, and will give you a lot less problems in the long run! 

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