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My gums continue to bleed in that one spot after a week even after being given an oral mouth wash. What should I do?

Posted by cheese75

I recently went to the dentist to ask about gums in between two teeth. They bleed when I brush them but even before this I regularly brushed (not hard) and flossed. He said it was some viral sore caused by either stress or some un and that it went away with time. He also prescribed  Benzydamine Hydrochloride to rinse my mouth. Its been a week and I have not seen any improvements, I rinse 3 times a day after meals. What should I do?

My gums aren't sore, and its only in between the last two molars.
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My back of my month and my last molar are red and bleed when bushing. But the problem is that painful but when bleeds when brush feels better after. All my gums are fine it's that last molar painful and my back of my month is red. Help please 


It sounds as if you have a localized inflammation of the gums. You should not let this progress - because it can permanently damage your gums and cause a defect that may last for life.

I would recommend you eat at least 6 grams of xylitol daily( to rid the mouth of plaque bacteria). You can select any gum or mints made from 100 percent xylitol - and nibble these throughout the day - especially after meals.

My other recommendation is a pH balanced, chlorine-dioxide mouth rinse called Closys. Do not add any flavor to the rinse, and use this rinse before brushing your teeth. Closys virtually"lifts" bacteria and debris from around your teeth - even things down "pockets" around your gums.

Swish Closys around your mouth and then brush with a clean toothbrush and a good toothpaste ( like Crest Original).

I would suggest rinsing the toothpaste off your teeth with Listerine and rinse the Listerine off your teeth with ACT original mouthrinse.

This is a three rinse program ( Cleanse- Tone - Moisturize) a bit like skin care! It is easy to do and in a week you should notice improvements and a wonderful relief/clean feeling in your mouth.

Good luck. Closys is purchased on-line or in Walgreens stores and some WalMart stores

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