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My favorite Female Celebs Rock Stylish Eyeglasses

Posted Mar 15 2013 8:35am
Many girls have been dreaming of a pair of glasses that adorn their favorite actor or actress. I’d like to share my favorite celebs in

Vogue celebrities on the T.V, famous singers, hosts and actors bring celebrity glasses trends to the market. We can easily take an example of

Harry Porter eyeglasses, these glasses are extremely famous in the teenage market, there is a huge demand for these simple glasses. Celebrity

effect often works as a great marketing strategy that earns big bucks to the eyeglass retailers. Every one would like to own a pair of glasses

that has been seen adorning their favorite actor or actress. Celebrities wearing glasses always look great on a magazine cover.
Avril Lavigne
Simply wear a pair of large eyewear for your face, add in some colorful hair streaks, and you’re good to go–skateboard totally optional.

Skater girl Avril Lavigne shows that glasses can even be punk rock and fierce. She adds some red streaks to her hair and wear black-rimmed big

eyeglasses, look so cool!
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga, a style icon of today. The singer is known for her daring and sometimes downright weird fashion. She has made the round eyeglasses

popular and one of the earliest to hit the markets. There are a series of round shaped eyeglasses on our site. Hillsboro-Copper round ful-rim

titanium eyeglasses, Helena-Black cheap round ful-rim titanium eyeglasses are the best sellers. The crazy fashion trends that she has brought

to the market have made her an inspiration for marketers and new product developers. In 2011 itself she was signed by Polaroid as its creative

director of the first ever sunglasses that could not only protect you from the sun but also click pictures. “This is the first ever pair of

sunglasses that can be worn out to protect your eyes from the sun and they can also take pictures,” she said at that time.
Elle Fanning
Young Hollywood trendsetter Elle Fanning has numerous pairs of accessorized frames. This cat-eyed pair has jeweled accents on the corners.

Note: It’s hard to pull off this type of glasses unless you’re a teenager or a kooky old lady.
Jennifer Aniston
The always stylish Jennifer Aniston wears tortoise shell frames that perfectly complement her square face shape when she wants to give her

eyes a break from contact lenses.
What are your favorite stars in spectacles? Are you longing for a pair like them, just browse our site to discover if there are your favorite

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