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My 6 yr. old had a caviaty filled today at 3:00p.m. It is now 10:00 p.m. amd her upper lip is swollen and drooping=Help!

Posted by mattemcar

Her caviaty was on a baby tooth in the back between her 6 yr molars.  They deaden the area of the cavaity and her cheek felt numb which frightend her, now 8 hours later her top lip is swollen and drooping why?
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Thanks Amy,

She apparently bit it in her sleep last night because it was so swollen, so this morning it is even larger.  I am going to run her to the dentist this morning and he probaly will just say she bit it, but it was swollen way before she did it.  Kinda upset that the dentist did not have an after hours number.  Probaly will switch to a ped's dentist after this. Just concerned...Thanks for responding!

Did she bite the inside of her mouth while it was numb? My 5-year-old daughter did that. She was playing with the inside of her mouth, biting it really hard. It took a few days for it to heal.
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