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Make It Easier

Posted Jun 06 2012 10:06pm

Have you noticed how complicated we make our lives sometimes?  It's the same in our practices.  When I first started working in 1977 we had a receptionist and a dental assistant.  Every now and then a practice had a hygienist.  The receptionist handled the scheduling, payments and insurance.  All by herself.  Now things are a lot more specialized, and specialization can be great and efficient, or it can be complicated.  Here are a few suggestions for making your processes simpler:

  1. Think It Through - start to finish.  
  • Consider the total patient experience.  Is it smooth and natural, or does it go along in fits and starts?  Are hand-offs calm and easy, or does the patient leave one person just to wait for another person to take over? Find a way to signal the financial coordinator that the treatment coordinator is about finished with the patient so that she can show up at just the right time to take over elegantly.

   2.  Just Don't Do It

  • If a system is weird, awkward, difficult, or just doesn't work well; stop it.  Find the easiest way to do everything.

   3.  Sweat The Small Stuff -

  • don't comprimise, don't accept good enough, don't make exceptions when it comes to quality.  If you disappoint when patients are used to a WOW! experience and you may lose the patient. Make it easy for patients to stay loyal to you.

   4.  Be Experts

  • Find your niche.  Don't try to be good at everything.  Be excellent at all the things you do.  To do that, you have to pick and choose, and be honest with yourself.  Are your root canals hit or miss?  Send those patients to the endodontist.  You'll have more time to schedule those veneer cases that you do so beautifully.  As a bonus, you'll enjoy your work more and have less stress.

   5.  Keep tabs on yourself

  • Everyone should always be on the lookout for ways to do everything and anything better.  Encourage ideas.  They're free and if you find a gem in one out of every ten ideas that come up, you've got one way to do something better than you did before.  

Try this for your next staff meeting and see what your staff comes up with.  Getting them engaged with motivate them to carry through with the goals you set together.  


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