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Love, Love, Love

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:17am

L    Love is all you need?  Probably not, but if you don't start with love you might as well forget it.  You'll never be happy without it.  Love as a noun is a feeling of affection, the way you think.  It leads your actions and takes to in a direction that you want to go.

    Love as a verb affects the way you live and the way you do everything.  It is the thing that draws people to you.  Love is powerful.  It determines the outcome of everything that you do.  Even when things don't turn out the way you wanted them to, the saving grace of having done it with love is always there to comfort you.

    I have seen people who don't operate from a place of love.  They are unhappy.  They are usually surly and they say ugly things.  The reaction they get is far from love and that just reinforces the unpleasant way they behave.  Imagine that you found it in your loving heart to treat them with kindness and respect.  What could that do?  You see, they need love from you more than anyone.  They are your success stories, just waiting to happen. 

    Think of your most unpleasant patient.  Now picture your whole staff bombarding him with kindness, compassion and love.  What do you think would happen?  I'll tell you, I've seen it happen more than once so I'll give you two opposite reactions.  In one, the patient looked surprised, what was going on here, had we all lost our minds?  When he saw we were going to keep up the insanity, he softened. A little.  The next time he came in, he was a little sweeter, still gruff, but not horrible.  Now he's our lovable curmudgeon.  You see, in extending so much love to him, we gave ourselves the opportunity to learn more about him.  He has some heartache and disappointment in his life.  On the other hand, being bombarded with love can make a person who's not ready to receive it simply leave.  In that case you can only wish him well and hope that someday when he's ready, there will be a kind person, with plenty of love to give, close at hand.

    It all really comes down to choices, just like I always say.  Will you choose to approach your day and everyone in it with love?  Start with the people you work with and let the ripple effect do the rest.  Did you ever think life in a dental practice could be this good?  Have you made any changes since I began this alphabet series that have made life in your practice better?  Let us know, drop us a comment.

    "Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved."

                                                               ~Victor Hugo~

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