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Li Ning as the leader of the domestic sports brand

Posted Jul 29 2012 4:13pm

The core value of the brand itself did not enhance the homogenization of serious lack of irreplaceable. Most of the local sporting goods brands from manufacturing and processing industries, and then gradually developed into a brand operation started doing OEM manufacturing. But there is brand differentiation nike free run 3, brand value-added low universality of the other domestic brands need to strengthen the innovation capability in product design, style similar between brands often now, the difference is not clear, homogeneous of the phenomenon is more serious, just go through some basic performance of the advertising demands of some difference, in fact, in the end consumer, where the head and not too strong and irreplaceable. The domestic brands in the product design can not compete with international brands, which led to the domestic as sports brand is a lack of their own image, their status in the sporting goods category.

Li Ning as the leader of the domestic sports brand, also there are such problems, in addition to style design can not be comparable to international brands, the brand appeal and image of the difference is difficult to Adidas, Nike and other brands to shorten the distance, its to even want the person's overall brand image is indeed the core values ??and core, mainly relying on the image of business leaders to support the brand. In addition, other sports brands give people a clear image of the product, adidas soccer shoes, Nike basketball shoes , running shoes, Converse canvas shoes, basketball nike free run 2 shoes Anta, Erke tennis shoes, special steps running shoes ...... the lack of their own products Lenovo, Li Ning products, is very complex it is a fatal weakness, consumers only know that it is a domestic movement brand, not a core of the main product image, making the Li Ning in the process with the followers of competition, and soon to be followers of the catch up on, and succeeded beyond. Lack of a mainstream product image, making the Li Ning in the sports market, eclipsed in many other categories of prominent international brands and domestic brands the attack, the market continues to be the collapse of the last boom-bust.

Li Ning was born in 1963, according to the method of the traditional computing age, the 2012 is just to know fate of the year. Unfortunately, both for the Li Ning himself or the Li Ning brand, brilliant seems to have belong to the past. For most of the 90 later said the image of the Li Ning sports champions and they too far away for most 80 later said Li Ning, the former yellow, after the reunification of the Li Ning will be a lot of pressure. As he once said Li Ning after return to the company, not even the front desk girl did not know him, he stopped. From this point of view, we will be able to know Li Ning how low awareness in the minds of consumers, if there are people in their own business do not know the boss, then that too many people do not know Li Ning. In addition, sports stars, Li Ning is the past tense, Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Li Na in the new show everyone is do not have to Li Ning influence. These people to better grasp the emerging sectors of the eye and consumer heart air max 2012, to seize 80, 90 after the group of young people.

Times continued in the forward rolling over the image of the period has been far left behind. Conform to the mainstream is king, continue to use Li Ning, a piece of "hard signs" may not be able to Li Ning, out of the woods. If business is bad, will bring greater troubles and difficulties to the Li Ning brand. Li Ning, the shake-up and return, or phoenix, the setting sun, so to prove everything. This need to the recommendations of many leading companies in China is, do the boss tired very painful but not radical, but in the process of strategic change, must adhere to the spirit, innovation, direct mail will then be able to firmly occupy the industry the commanding heights of the pressure of market competition the other Do not be confused, deny their own achievements and doubt yourself, otherwise you will be subject to the As for the competitors. The sentence must remember that as a boss, go its own way to let others with go  nike free run 2, do not be afraid to have followers, have the position of the follower did not follow those who have no future. Maotai must learn the spirit of leadership, even if the Wuliangye sales, for a larger, I always stick to their own liquor brand image. Not easily do any drastic decisions, to keep in the spirit, let others comment.

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