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Lead Exposure and TMJ Disorder

Posted Mar 15 2009 3:07pm

Calling all would-be an idea here. We could all become rich and famous from this!

Toxic Lead/Metal Exposure

I'm not sure why this idea popped into my head, but I can't get rid of it and I need your help! Here's my thesis: Since TMJD is a relatively new disorder, perhaps it is caused by a childhood toxic exposure to lead. Even some other toxic exposure might account for it. Lead just seems to be one that's been around for quite some time.

So, here's where readers come in. If anybody out there has (had) TMJD and then has gone through a de-tox program where metals were removed from your body, please let me know if your TMJ Disorder got better after these metals/toxins were removed.

This toxic exposure idea has as much merit as just about any other idea that has been thrown out there as a possible cause of TMJD. It would even explain why TMJD may be heriditary...if a parent was exposed to this toxin it seems obvious that the fetus would also come into the world with this toxin.

Most adults remember the time when crews used to drive through parks, even neighborhoods, spraying out a mist or fog that used to kill mosquitoes. It could be something as simple as this.

My bet is that it's metals...or exposure during childhood to electromagnetic fields that may be causing TMJ Disorder in so many people.
Has anybody's TMJ Disorder improved after they had amalgam fillings removed?

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