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Is Your TMJD Caused by Another Problem?

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:53am
The more medical professionals wrangle over the cause of TMJ Disorder, the more puzzling this disorder becomes. While facial/jaw injury, hyperextension of the jaw, clenching and grinding tend to be the leading culprits causing this malady, other research suggests that, at least in some cases, TMJ Disorder may be a byproduct of stress and/or other physical ailments. In some instances, one might wonder what comes first: Does TMJD cause stress? Does stress cause TMJD. Both questions can be answered with a resounding YES. However, numerous other conditions can contribute to the development of TMJD.

Many chiropractors blame spinal misalignments for causing TMJD. Indeed, some INSIST that spinal/neck problems are the only cause of TMJD. And many TMJD sufferers have commented that their chiropractor rights the problem for them when their jaws begin creaking, popping, crackling and aching. Unfortunately, the answer to this condition is just not this simple since many have tried chiropractic help to no avail.

Basically, any condition that causes the body stress can exacerbate TMJD. This can be something as serious as a malignancy, to a simple reaction to a vaccination, to allergies. A blood test can also show one's degree of internal inflammation.

Even exposure to electro-magnetic waves causes bodily harm and stress which can manifest itself in many ways, some even fatal. Are you wearing a cell phone glued to your ear? Do you work long hours on a computer? Is your home situated near a transformer or other high electro-magnetic producing machinery?

Before spending inordinate amounts of time and money trying to cure this condition, one might first consider attempting to find out WHY the condition developed. Once the underlying cause itself is addressed, the TMJD may readily resolve itself with time and a softer diet. Ideas for dealing with TMJD can be found in You Can Conquer TMJ: Ideas and Recipes.
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