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is it my teeth that give me problems or is it something else

Posted by iwan

my tooth hurt, my dentist said its nothing but little infection and gave me penicilin for it. my GP said its nothing though i mentioned that i have blood in my nose went i wake up in the morning.  my left eyes and ears hurt too so is my left arm.  I cannot chew my food properly and and the pain has become unbearable.  what is the problem with me?
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I thought I answered this last week, but it must not have gone through. First, you sound like you need to be rinsing your mouth carefully with warm salt water several times a day to help with the infection. But it sounds also like possibly the infection is loose elsewhere. I would hightail it to a medical clinic and get some help. If you are running a fever you absolutely must seek medical care. For chewing ease, eat easy-to-chew recipes. You can find a cookbook full of them in One Pot Galley Gourmet. They are all easy-to-cook, easy-to-chew, one pot meals. How long has this been going on? You could have an impacted or abcessed tooth perhaps. Those can be excruciatingly painful and actually quite dangerous and serious.
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