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is gingivitis contagiouse

Posted by reeney

Hi there, sorry to bother you but just wondering as my niece has it very bad and I shared the same spoon, I know it sounds silly but my mouth has been hurting ever since and my breath is really bad and getting worse as the day goes on. It might just be in my little mind as she is suffering bad through it.

Just needed to know if you can pass this on through contact, if so then we will prevent it going to every one in the house.

Thank you for your response

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Studies have shown that members of a family usually always have similar dental and gum health because they all take care of their teeth in a similar manner.  Not only is gum health contgeous within a family--children catch dental decay from their mothers. 

Why not have a family visit to the dentist to make sure that no serious infections are transmitted and everybody can have a nice holiday season without having to worry about their teeth and gums? 

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