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Invisalign: Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional Braces

Posted Dec 09 2010 8:22am

invisalign-orthodontic-braces Owing to its many benefits, Invisalign orthodontic braces are considered a revolutionary alternative to traditional metal braces.  Using Invisalign, you can straighten your misaligned teeth in a safe and comfortable manner and benefit from strong, healthy teeth, an improved smile and attractive appearance.

Revolutionary Orthodontic Option without Metal Wires or Brackets

Invisalign braces are totally free from metal wires and brackets, therefore these cause no irritation whatsoever in your mouth. These braces are transparent and so the patients can complete the entire treatment without others even noticing.  With its detachable property, Invisalign offers more convenience to the patients.  They can eat, drink, brush and floss normally, thus maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

Invisalign clear plastic aligners are suitable for correcting dental disorders such as crooked teeth, protruded teeth, widely spaced teeth, overcrowded teeth, crossbites, underbites, overbites and openbites. When your teeth are properly aligned, issues such as tooth loss, irregular wear of tooth surfaces, gum infections, speech impairments, and chewing and digestion disorders can be avoided.

Invisalign: Custom-designed Aligners Just for You

Before scheduling orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, the orthodontist makes a thorough evaluation of your teeth, jaws and facial structure through X-rays and photographs. Invisalign braces are then designed using 3D imaging technology according to your teeth structure. During the treatment span, patients have to wear a series of aligners for two weeks and then replace it with a fresh set, to speed up the aligning process. Generally, this treatment can be completed within 9-15 months and around 18-30 sets of aligners have to be used, all these vary from case to case. The patients are required to visit the orthodontist every four to six weeks; this will help your doctor to evaluate the amount of progress achieved and make modifications according to the current requirements.

Accomplished Orthodontist Important

When considering orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, seek the services of a skilled orthodontist. During the initial consultation, speak to your specialist about your requirements and the results expected from the treatment. This would enable you to learn more about Invisalign and also help the orthodontist to adopt precise procedures that would provide the best results.

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