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infection and possible root fracture

Posted by nrsg1

I have a molar that I had a crown placed about 4 years ago. I then had to have a root canal on the same tooth about 3 years ago. About 7 months ago I developed a puss pocket on the lateral side of the gum at the same tooth. After seeing my dentist, I was referred to my endodontist for possible infection of the bone. Two rounds of different antibiotics and the infection appeared to be gone. I had no pain during the time of the infection but could feel the pressure of the drainage buildup. Endodontist referred me to a periodontist as she suspected a root fracture. Periodontist says the x-rays and exam "indicate" a fracture and bone loss from the infection. Recommends extraction of the tooth and restorative process. Infection is back as of this last week. From what I have read on this site, it appears that root fractures are difficult to determine from xray.  Just wondering if with the infection and bones loss involved if you would recommend going ahead with the extraction or do you think there may be another culprit that could be the cause? If so, can you recommend who and what procedures I need to request be done prior to resorting to extraction? It just seems crazy to remove a tooth that doesn't hurt at all.
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When a dental problem presents with so many complications, I would suggest that you arrange with all the dental specialists involved, that they join you, simultaneously, on a telephone conference call and arrive at a consensus asa to how to proceed.  Modern communication technology permits this assemblage of expertise to help you arrive at a decision.


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