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I just had my baby tooth removed. Will the new tooth fit in nicely into the space?

Posted Dec 12 2010 11:10am


Q: Hi I’m 14 years old and I’ve had one single baby tooth for about a year now. I went to the dentist yesterday and got it pulled out and now I can feel a permanent tooth growing in. My problem is, the place where my baby tooth used to be isn’t where the permanent tooth is.(It’s only slightly behind that little hole left from the baby tooth.)The new tooth is just a small stub that can’t even be seen, but I can feel it with my fingers and tongue. My question is, will the tooth naturally work its way up slightly so it fits in with my other teeth? Thank you.

A: The new adult tooth will erupt or ‘grow’ into the space if it has not reached its full maturation. You will need an x ray to determine the amount of root formation of this tooth. What we hope to see on the x ray is to be able to see a relatively short tooth with some root formation only. At your age, there is a high chance, but depend on some factors.

For example, i need to know the position of this tooth. Front or back? Also, is there any past history of trauma, ie have you been hit at the face or the tooth have been injured? Is there any decay or infection at the extracted baby tooth?

You need to understand there are local and environmental factors that can influence the path of growth of the adult tooth. X ray is necessary to ascertain that the path is straight and the tooth does not have a curved root and there are no surrounding infection or cyst. Furthermore, is the existing space wide enough to accommodate the size of the new tooth? In other words, is there any crowding presently? You may need braces to correct that, if needed.

Assuming everything is normal, in most cases, the tooth will erupt to its position. So, after taking the x ray, just be patient and wait. You will be fine.

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