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I feel very similar to the same Warcraft

Posted Jun 09 2013 1:13am

Information on RuneScape Jagex rs gold Ltd developed a real website JAVA online games, the game for English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, there are only 1,000 players in mainland China, but in Hong Kong there are more than one thousand players. There is no Chinese version, the game is not a separate download the client, if the computer is not installed java controls, if landing the game for the first time, you are prompted to install the java control.Globally distributed server has more than 170, most of which are distributed in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia and other countries, so their biological clock is the opposite with us.

It claims to be an average of 50W online at the same time, and now (2011 -08-03 10:33) online 137281, it published figures has a level of credibility. Varrock center game next fashionable in Canada and the United States, after popular World of Warcraft, but there are fewer players in China.Is it curious, it is in the end what is the charm to attract so many players and even gold coins players into its embrace? What difference is it with now popular web games in China ?It has a unique user thoughtful design.

Do not underestimate this fact, many times in detail in order to highlight the intimate game designers, allowing the player more viscous. The interface character design may not be good, but its 3D design effect is very good, by the vertical and horizontal directionsThe game official propaganda pictures (12) key control, interested can try it, I feel very similar to the same Warcraft. The background music has always been praised by players and map real-time display so that you mistakenly thought you were playing online games, not just a game page.Also lots of differences are on the Runescape Gold .Welcome to enjoy this game!
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