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How to Write a Press Release For Your Dental Practice

Posted Oct 13 2010 8:37pm

Most of you probably never considered a press release but it can be a very good way of generating some word of mouth publicity and exposure for your dental practice. If done right, this may even earn you a mention on the local radio channel or even an interview on the local news.

The key is to really have something that is newsworthy and then go all out to report that. You could be holding an awareness camp for gum disease, back to school sessions for kids on brushy their teeth daily and avoiding sweets or even doing something else for your community. If you think it is something that’s news worthy and others will be interested in it, then write a press release, and distribute it.

In this post I am going to give you a step by step guide to writing a press release for your dental practice and then tell you about some paid and free resources where you can promote your press release to be distributed over the internet.

1. Get the format right: You need to provide the date of the release or the words “For Immediate Release” at the beginning of the press release and then write the location of your business before getting to the actual press release itself. You also need to give in contact information where they can reach you for more information.

2. Write a Headline that hooks you in: Next up is writing a great catchy headline that hooks readers in. Ideally the headline should be some sort of question, provocative claim or something else that stirs up emotion.

Here’s a handful of great articles on writing effective headlines:

3. Give them a compelling lead: The story should start with a really compelling lead that grabs their attention and has the gist of the whole story in a crisp manner that fires up the imagination and has the readers asking for more.

4. Remember the 5 W’s: After you have done the hard work of getting the readers engaged in your press release, the next step is to give them the necessary details. It is a good practice to address What, Why, When, Who and Where in your press release as that ensures that all aspects of your story are covered. This gives your readers a more holistic view of your message.

5. Include Quotes: Readers are really interested to hear what others have to say, and you should feed their curiosity by including a few choice quotes from yourself, as well as some of your patients.

6. Indicate the end of your release: If the end of your press release is clearly marked then the editors need not worry about whether they received the entire press release or not. So it is always helpful to indicate when your press release has ended.

After you finish writing your press release you want to have an editor look it over to make sure all the spelling and grammar are correct before distributing it to the masses. You want to avoid having a press release with bad spelling and grammar because it can make your dental practice look unprofessional in the eyes of people reading it.

There are some great websites out there that you can submit your press release to and they will offer help with the distribution. These are the top free and paid distribution options:

1. : (Paid – Best bang for your buck)
2. PRNewsWire : (Paid)
3. : (Paid)
4. PRLog : (Free)
5. : (Free)
6. : (Free)
7. : (Free)
8. : (Free)

If done correctly, writing and distributing a press release can bring a significant amount of exposure to your dental practice. What you will start to notice first is the healthy amount of search engine traffic coming from the major search engines. It is a known fact search engines like Google love getting new news and has them indexed almost immediately.

It is also likely that some local TV or radio stations may find your press release worthy of an interview or guest appearance on a show. Or you may have people call into your dental practice after reading your press release and inquire about the services you offer.

The possibilities are endless to the amount of things that could happen as a result of creating and distributing a press release for your dental practice. Hopefully the information provided will help you get started so you can start promoting and creating awareness of your own dental practice.

Do you have any additional tips for writing or distributing effective press releases? Please leave them in a comment below.

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