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How to treat lower lip numbness?

Posted by jkash

How to treat lip and chin numbness after 24+ hours of ice packs and heat packs?

A wisdom tooth was removed on the right side, 1 upper and 1 lower molar were removed from the left side. Right side lost numbness in less than 6 hours after operation. Minimal pain is present. Left side of my lower lip and my chin are numb. After 24 hours my left side is swollen. There is tinggling in my lip and chin which should be the nerve recovering but how can I be sure. I bite my lower lip to try and keep my mouth closed but because i can't feel it, it bleeds from biting too hard. If the numbness hasn't reduced after 30 hours, should I call my doctor or wait 48 hours?

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My advice would be to not trivialize this complication.  You should see your surgeon on an urgency basis, as soon as possible to have this treated.  You should stop biting your lip and causing the trauma.  Short answer--see your surgeon quick.
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