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How to select a toothbrush?

Posted Apr 12 2010 8:09am

Good oral care must start with the right tool!

What kind of toothbrush is suitable for you?  With so many different types of  brushes on the shelves, most people are certainly spoilt for choices. 

Sometimes, one of my patients may even show me the new toothbrush that she has recently bought, and asked for my opinion! Well, this is my answer to her question.

Generally, you have the right to use any toothbrush that you fancy, provided you follow the recommendations below.

Select a SOFT brush instead of medium or hard. I know, some of you have been using medium or hard brush for years and you have no problems. Pay a visit to a dentist and you may be surprised to find out that you have “abrasion cavities”, without you realizing it.

Soft brush is more kind to the gums, with minimum damage to the outermost protection layer, called enamel. If you still like to use medium or hard, you may use them on the biting surfaces of the molars only.

Next, please ensure you are getting the right SIZE  for your own mouth. In other words, you should feel comfortable whenever you brush and not gag when the head of the brush go right in.

For those with erupted wisdom teeth and you want to keep them for life, please find out if your existing brush can reach the last molar, especially the upper one. If you have gag reflex whenever you try to push in the brush, you can try using a second brush ( smaller in size, eg baby brush) just to clean the wisdom tooth.

Do you know when to change your toothbrush?

The usual recommended time is about 3-6 months, depending on how hard you brush and how often. Hence, it is subjective, but the tell tale signs include severe worn out bristles or black stains appearing on the bristles!

So, whatever brush that you may have in mind or are using now, please remember: Brush gently!

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