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How to ensure a healthy tooth for your child

Posted Dec 13 2012 6:15am

Smile is the major factor that attracts a person to a child. The glow of the pearly white teeth is sure to captivate even the hard hearted person. But what if the pearly white teeth changes into a “pearly black” one with cavities? It can take away the beauty and innocence from the child’s face. Hence, as parents, it is our duty to make sure that our child’s teeth are maintained hygienically. How can you ensure that? Here are a few tips


  • Even before the baby’s first tooth erupts, the gum should be cleaned daily with damp washcloth to clear away harmful bacteria. This can be made a part of bath routine. Once the first tooth breaks out, the same can be brushed using a finger brush meant for infants.
  • Under no circumstance a baby should be allowed to sleep with a bottle in mouth. It might be convenient for parents, but it can be harmful to the baby’s teeth. The sugar from the milk or juice can be harmful to the enamel of the teeth and can create a condition called bottle mouth.
  • Once the child is around 2 years, start using paste that is meant for kids. But make sure that only a pea sized amount of tooth paste is used. Initially parents can guide the child in brushing the correct way by holding their hand and helping them. It is better to assist them in brushing till they are six or seven years of age. Afterwards parents should check on them once in a while to make sure that they are doing it the proper way.
  • Brushing and flossing should be made a daily routine. Child should be encouraged to brush the teeth twice daily and to clean it after each meal. A mirror can be used to show the child where exactly he or she is brushing. The teeth should be brushed on the outer surface, inner surface and chewing area. Last comes the tongue which should also be cleaned to ensure fresh breath.
  • Reducing the amount of sugar consumption is another way of protecting the teeth. I know, it is easier said than done. But at least parents should make sure that the child cleans the teeth properly after gobbling sugary food. A well balanced diet is the key to good teeth.


The above are few of the tips to ensure healthy teeth. If the child complaints of any ache or discomfort of the teeth, the parents should definitely seek the help of a pediatric dentist, who is trained to handle wide range of issues related to kids dental problem. 




Author Bio: Emma Wilson is a guest blogger for Pediatric Dental Centre that aims to provide dental care facility for infants, children and teens in a friendly environment. They have dental centers in Brandon  and Tampa( ), Florida where they provide specialized service in Pediatric Dentistry. They also provide online appointment fixing service, patient education and are participating providers for most of the major insurance carriers.


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