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How to ease dental pain without seeing a dentist?

Posted Feb 10 2013 10:01am

The Public Holidays have already started and many dental clinics will be closed for the chinese new year. What if you or somebody you know develop dental pain? Let me share this secret of reducing your pain without going to a dentist.

In chinese medicine, there are meridians and acupoints on our body. All of them play a homeostatic role in maintaining good health and vitality. There is one very important acupoint that you need to know, in relation to dentistry. It is called the ‘hegu’ acupoint.

As seen in the above picture, you can easily locate this point by putting your thumb of the other hand over it and press gently. This is very useful if you develop any dental pain, especially coming from the lower jaw. It will help to alleviate your pain and discomfort to some degree.

Remember that this self help therapy is used only for soothing your dental pain and is NOT a cure or treatment for your condition. Please see a dentist as soon as possible to determine if the pain is a toothache or gum pain. This pressing of the ‘hegu’ point will not help if you have fever or severe swelling.



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