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how painful is a dental crown procedure? My 4 year old needs 2 crowns and I'm trying to avoid the need for anesthesia.

Posted by christyb

She had a cavity filled with the use of laughing gas. She did fine. The dentist said it's up to us whether or not to have the crowns done in the office. Otherwise she has to go into the hospital under anesthesia. I don't know how to make this decision. I don't want her to be put under anesthesia if it's not necesary, but I don't want them to start the procedure in the office and not be able to finish it if she starts screaming.
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A behaviorally adept dentist would be the best choice.  Since she has already had successful dental treatment, having the crowns done is a routine dental office procedure and certainly does not require hospitalization.  If you have been told otherwise I would seek a second opinion or perhaps there are circumstances you have not related in your question.

Thank you for your response. I guess I should add that the crowns would be on opposite sides of the mouth, and would be done on different appointments. They were concerned that if the first one was painful, she might be traumatized by the whole procedure and not be cooperative for the second one, and anesthesia might be best so that they could get them both done at the same time.  However they didn't seem to want to give me their opinion on what I should do, they just left it up to me to decide. Would a dentist usually recommend anesthesia for crowns on kids that have a tendancy to kick and scream during dental procedures? Or is that still a little extreme?

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