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how do i know if i have a tooth abscess,or a sinus abscess?

Posted by zbln29

Last Sunday I began having what I believed was the beginning of a tooth ache. I was encountering swelling on the right side of my nose and some discomfort in my mouth on my right upper gum.  The swelling continued to get worse from about 7:00pm until 1:30am, the pain worsened and the swelling continued. I went to the ER and they believed that I had an abscessed tooth and gave me an injection of antibiotics, a written prescription of amoxicillin, pain medicine and I was advised to see a dentist the next morning.  By the time I reached home at around 3:30am, the swelling in my face was continuing to get worse and by 6:00am, it was considerably worse. I called my regular dentist that morning, and he called a dental surgeon and made me an appt for that afternoon. I went to the surgeon and he x rayed my mouth and I indicated to him the tooth that I had recently had trouble with. He pulled this tooth and gave me a prescription of stronger antibiotics and told me to discontinue the others from the hospital.  The swelling continued through out this day and  into the next.  My right eye was swollen shut, the swelling was horrible.  Today,  5 days later, I am much better, however, the place to the right of my nose where the swelling began is now still puffy and it feels like there is a knot or a hard spot there.  I'm not sure if  the tooth that was pulled had anything to do with this or not.  Is it possible that I in fact had some sort of cyst or abscess in my sinuses and not in my tooth at all.  If so, where do I turn next if this swelling in my face doesn't go completely away? Should I return to the dental surgeon or should I go to my primary medical doctor? God forbid I've gone through all of this and lost my tooth only to have this condition return when the antibiotics are gone and to find that it was not the tooth at all but rather an infection/cyst in my sinuses.

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