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Health Care Danger for TMJD Sufferers

Posted Aug 18 2009 10:03pm

I'm not saying this will happen here, but I feel the need to pass this information on. Think the health care debacle won't affect you with your TMJD condition? Think again.

Several months ago, an irate blog reader blasted me with (deserved) criticism about one of my TMJ blogs. Her anger was directed at what she thought was my opinion that clenching and grinding causes ALL cases of TMJD. Anybody who's read my blogs for long, knows that I have clearly stated that NOT ALL cases of TMJD are caused by clenching and grinding, but a good many cases are.

In the process of corresponding with this person, I learned a great deal about her situation. She is suffering horribly, absolutely horribly. Her condition is so debilitating it interferes with her ability to do her work and affects every moment of her life, sleeping and awake..

After consulting doctors and doing the whole run around rigamarole, she was told that she'd probably have to have jaw joint replacement surgery. The wait was TWO YEARS. This, for someone who lives in Canada and must use the Canadian health care no-service program.

I can't imagine being in such pain and so debilitated and having to wait for two years for surgery. Could that happen here? Yes, I think it could. Do I know that for a fact? No. It just seems logical that it will transpire since it seems to be the norm in countries that do have socialized medicine. While it's true that most people don't need to undergo such severe treatment, who would want to have to wait for two years if they did need it?

Many younger people, often the very ones who suffer the most from TMJD, tend not to be involved politically. This is a huge mistake. People must get involved, one way or the other, or suffer the consequences of other peoples' decisions.

Meanwhile, several more dentists have purchased You Can Conquer TMJ:Ideas and Recipes, to keep in their office for patients to read and get ideas from. You can get your own copy at, or from where you can download an order blank. Dentists agree that easy-to-chew meals contribute greatly to helping with TMJD discomfort.
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