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Has anyone ever heard of this happening? If so what was the results?

Posted by mrsstancho

Hello, 22 years ago I had a car accident. Later I had to have bilateral tmj joint replacement.  The left joint was removed due to reoccurring pseudomonas .  As a result I have one replacement on the right, and nothing on the left.  Recently, it was discovered that joint replacement on the right had come out of joint and was rubbing a hole into my cranium.  The maxofacial surgeon said to come back in a year and we would see how much damage was done in that time.  In your personal opinion, do you thing that was sound advise?  It is strange to think of a metal object rubbing its way into your cranium.
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This is an extremely complicated history and unusually involved.  There is no "routine" way to proceed with these complications present.  I would seek second and/or third opinions from maxillofacial surgeons, who have completed a thorough evaluation of your condition.  While it is impossible for me to know the physical facts of your injury, from the sound of your question, you need the reassurance for perfectly legitimate emotional reasons to assuage your fears.
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