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GPA isn't Everything!

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am
When applying to Dental School, your grade point average  (GPA) is
undoubtedly important to your application. However, contrary to common belief that in order to be admitted into Dental School you must possess a "high" GPA, this is certainly not the case in most schools. While a "competitive" GPA is essential, when applying to Dental School, or
any professional school, it is your overall package that is looked at,
not solely your GPA. The admissions committee want to see a well
rounded and balanced individual. You must demonstrate that you possess
the skill-set fit to be a dental practitioner. To this end, your
overall package, which includes your DAT scores, GPA, volunteer work
or community service, recommendation letters, dental experience, and
leadership skills, will be looked at and scaled when assessing your application. Each of the aforementioned tenets will in some ways complement each other. Hence, it is important to understand that your application must be competitive, possessing a balanced repertoire of most, if not all of the areas listed above. Understand that I am in no way saying that you can receive acceptance into dental school with a 2.5 GPA, although the chances of this happening are slim to none; in the end, the admissions committee doesn't care how smart you are but if you reflect a personality that befits the definition of someone that can succeed in dental school, vis a vis your personal statement, recommendation letters, dental experience, community service, grade point average and moderate to competitive DAT scores, an interview letter will surely be coming in the mail from a school of your interest.
Again, do not place your eggs in one basket. At minimum, a 3.0 grade point average with a competitive balance in the other areas mentioned, will suffice at least in getting you an interview.

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