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Got TMJD? Don't Eat These Foods

Posted Jan 22 2009 3:49pm

If you have a really bad case of TMJ Disorder, you may be having difficulty eating much at all. Don't feel relegated to just milkshakes and margaritas though. There are lots of healthful things you can eat, and I'll address some of these things in more detail in another blog.

For now, let's assume you have a painful case of TMJ Disorder, but you are still able to chew food...if you're careful. Or maybe you're not too bad, but after 150 chips with salsa you're in pain. Either way, the following is a list of food you should avoid altogether if you have TMJD.

  • Raw, crispy vegetables

  • Chips

  • Crunchy cereal

  • sub sandwiches

  • crunch peanut butter

  • sports bars

  • corn on the cob

  • steak, prime rib, pork chops (basically, all chewy meats)

  • tacos

  • whole apples (cut apple into very thin slices)

  • most nuts

  • popcorn

  • gum

  • licorice

  • candy bars

  • bacon

  • hamburgers (as in hamburger sandwiches)

  • crackers

  • cookies

  • pizza

  • french bread

  • granola bars

  • most fast food

This may seem like a formidable list, but if you look at it very closely, you'll see that many of these foods aren't very good for you anyway. Many are loaded with preservatives, chemicals and high fructose corn syrup...or just plain sugar. Eliminating a lot of these foods (except for the vegetables) will actually be good for you.

The following is a list of foods you probably CAN eat:

  • fish (all kinds, just not fried)

  • cheeses

  • beans

  • lentils

  • rice

  • cottage cheese

  • oatmeal type cereals

  • most vegetables (cooked)

  • many fruits

  • eggs

  • pastas

  • soups galore

  • olives

  • raisins (cooked)

  • pancakes, crepes

  • muffins

  • yogurt

  • ground meats

  • creamy peanut butter/nut butters

  • ice cream!!

  • desserts :)

  • almost all meats slow-cooked in a crockpot

Now, not all of these items are healthful if eaten in large quantities, I'll admit. But most of them are healthful. Even the high carb items, like pancakes, aren't too bad if you don't drown them in syrup and eat a gigantic stack. Even pasta, a high carb food, is okay. Just don't eat a plateful.

Remember that most, not all, but most cases of TMJD will resolve given time and a softer diet. For good ideas on easy-to-cook, easy-to-chew recipes, check out You Can Conquer TMJ:Ideas and Recipes or One Pot Galley Gourmet, both available at or .

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