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Front tooth has dropped slightly.

Posted by PurplePudding

To make a long story short, couple of months ago I had an accident and was hit in the mouth, and my front tooth dropped slightly. I went to the dentist and she x-rayed it and we're keeping an eye on it, but I want to know if there's a way for it to be lined up with the rest of my teeth. (It's barely noticeable, but I notice it and would like it fixed.) Braces? Retainer? anything? Is it unfixable? Please confirm or deny my fears. :C
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After you have verified that the vitality of the test has not been compromised by the accident, it would be possible to effect the minimal change in tooth position by wearing a night time repositioning mouth guard, over a period of time.  TP Ortho in Indiana invented and supplies this technologyNothing performs like the original - and we can prove it to you. 

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Good /Luck
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