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Frickin' Laser Toothbrush?

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:44pm
My apologies for the lack of posting since the Christmas holidays. This will be another short week of posts before resuming a normal blogging schedule next week.

I thought I would try to keep things light this week as we all recover from time off, look forward to more time off, and try our hardest to max out benefits before January 1st.

I discovered this little piece of comedic heaven while browsing a tech and gadget blog that I read daily. I am the first to admit that I don't know very much about dental lasers. I have started an article that is a review of dental lasers, but am only about half way through it. There are all sorts of different types and they use really complex words like diode and yttrium. I was under the impression that these lasers were to be used for soft tissue and hard tissue obliteration. Apparently I was wrong...just strap a frickin' laser to a toothbrush and watch the plaque disappear!

Just head to the fine people of Smart Miracles and check out the "futuristic" Laser Toothbrush. For only $69, you can:
have Hollywood white, super-healthy teeth, thanks this revolutionary, super-safe, medical-quality laser toothbrush. It has an energy concentration so low that any tissue surface, even eye tissue, is safe! It works with a programmed tooth management system that turns on the laser for a recommended treatment period (55 seconds) with one-touch mode switch. In this case, the laser toothbrush does not need toothpaste but directly radiates laser on teeth. This revolutionary semiconductor medical laser helps decrease sensitivity, toothache pain, inflammation, and even helps eliminate bad breath. No more messy toothpaste accidents, now you can clean your teeth with light! [AA batteries included]

Wow! I must have one now. This is most definitely the greatest breakthrough in preventive technology since floss was invented. I just ordered 50 to sell to all my patients. I don't shill for any product but I am going to start endorsing this bad boy even if the company doesn't pay me. Just because of how amazing an invention this is. Its interesting that Oral-B or Sonicare would not have had this breakthrough first. I mean, what other toothbrush could actually reduce toothache pain? Who would have thought that a laser pointer stuffed inside a Spin Brush could soothe pulpitis? No toothpaste needed and only a 55 seconds brush time? Amazing! The fine people at Smart Miracles should find themselves in line for the Nobel Prize thanks to this frickin laser inside a tooth brush.

(In case you are reading this and don't know me personally, what you just read should be taken as 100% sarcasm. Carry on. )
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