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Fill the Gaps in Your Smile!

Posted Sep 09 2008 9:53am

Have you lost some of your teeth lately? Are their absence spoiling your familiar smile? If you are wondering how to replace those missing teeth while your natural ones are still present, fear not, for with partial dentures you can recover that great smile everyone loves to see.

Still, there are many who want to ignore this situation and live on with their remaining teeth. Should you really care about replacing your missing teeth? The truth is – Yes! It is very important to replace any gaps in your teeth as soon as possible. Leaving gaps may lead to further widening of the space between your remaining teeth. Your natural teeth may shift from their original position and result in an unsightly smile. This may not only make you look older, but also less attractive.

Another disadvantage of not utilizing partial dentures is the difficulty of cleaning teeth with wide gaps. A rigorous cleaning is required after every meal to ensure good hygiene. Also, brushing teeth with wide gaps is uncomfortable.

Some people find it hard to speak properly when they loose teeth in certain areas of their mouth. This can also make it difficult for the listener who may feel the person’s speech is garbled.

Another, and perhaps most important disadvantage of leaving gaps in your teeth is the inability to chew food properly. This could mean the exclusion of some of your favorite foods from your plate!

A partial denture is a removable dental appliance that allows you to replace multiple teeth. Attached to your teeth utilizing clasps or crowns, this metal framework composed of plastic teeth and gum areas will help stop further sagging of your face by supporting your cheeks and lips. Your dentist may initially ask you to wear them continuously to identify any problem areas. Also, in the initial break-in period, they may feel a bit awkward and heavy. But with assistance from your dentist and some practice at home, they will soon become familiar enough for you to wear and remove with confidence.

Dentists usually advise denture patients to start off with soft foods. You may need to balance food in both sides of your mouth while chewing until you get used to the feeling of your partials. Sticky foods, especially chewing gum, can be detrimental to partial dentures. Avoid making any repairs or adjustments by yourself. You could irreversibly damage them. Care for your partial dentures as you would your natural teeth. Brushing twice a day and cleaning between your teeth will assure comfort and reliability for many years to come.

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